Joui Four.

Art blocking a bit, so I thought I’d try practicing with ink again!


端午の節句 (by yokko..)



Nobody’s reacting…?

The big title in the bottom means : 10th year Secret Project

Wake up, Gintama fandom. They are trolling us again. I can smell Gintama anime.

A commemoration for Gintama’s 10th year anniversary breakthrough!

An absolute secret (?) project is currently in the works?!

Rough translation:

For 2014, the ‘Commemoration for Gintama’s 10th Year Anniversary Breakthrough’ is silently in development!

There are plans to publish a Mook (half-magazine, half-book publication) for the series, as well as a challenge of sorts for Sorachi-sensei?!

Over the years, as we go forth with these in mind, we hope you’ll look forward to it as well!

[Better translations to be out soon, as soon as I get either my copy of this issue on Monday or someone sends me an HQ scan of this page.]


Vivo en Miami y aquí es donde he puesto todas as cosas que disfruto ~ Allonsyy!!

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